Logitech G203 Mouse

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Logitech G203 Mouse – Logitech G203 Prodigy is a wired video pc gaming computer mouse that helps you play for your complete potential and be more accurate than you’ve ever been before.

Remarkable video pc gaming quality efficiency depends on 8 times much faster than standard mice for close to instant reaction to every movement and click. G203 Prodigy is built about Logitech’s advanced 6000 DPI sensing unit, giving you amazing precision and monitoring speed.

G203 Prodigy features a classic design and simple lines inspired by the famous Logitech G100s Video pc gaming Computer mouse, cherished by players worldwide. Choose your illumination from up to 16.8 million shares.

Easily personalize 6 switches to streamline and quickly perform complex video game activities. Store your video game ready setups to the onboard memory and use them on any PC anywhere you play. With over thirty years of industry prominent video pc gaming technology, Logitech brings you a computer mouse designed to give you a brand-new degree of control. With G203 Prodigy, the video game improves, therefore do you.

Logitech G203 Mouse

Logitech G203 Mouse
Logitech G203 Mouse


G203 records 1,000 times each second, 8x much faster compared to standard mice. This means when the computer mouse is removed or clicked; the onscreen reaction is practically instant.


G203 is inspired by the classic design of the famous Logitech G100S Video pc gaming Computer mouse. It is cherished by players worldwide and a favourite of esports pros; it is a classic design that we’ve re-engineered and optimized from the inside-out to be lightweight, durable, and comfy.


Play for your complete potential with a computer mouse that offers 200 to 8,000 DPI providing amazing precision, monitoring speed and uniformity. You will obtain improved control regardless of your design of the gameplay.

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Mechanical switch tensioning uses steel springtimes to assist maintain the left and right computer mouse switches keyed to click, decreasing the force needed. Combined with individual left and right switches, it improves the uniformity and provides a remarkable click feel and reaction.


LIGHTSYNC technology provides next-gen RGB illumination that integrates illumination and video game accounts with your content. Personalize from a complete range of approximately 16.8 million shades and integrate illumination computer animations and impacts with your various other Logitech G devices. Personalize everything quickly and easily using Logitech G HUB.


Logitech G203 can be used straight out of the box or fully set up using G HUB. Advanced users can set up any one of the 6 switches to streamline in-game activities.


On-the-fly DPI moving allows you to toggle between 2 levels of sensitivity setups with a click, from pixel-precise 250 DPI targeting to fast 2,500 DPI movement. Use G HUB to personalize the DPI setups to shape your design of play. Also, DPI biking allows you to choose from up to 5 DPI setups while in-game.


When you take your G203 with you, your custom setups occurred. By conserving your choices to the onboard memory using Logitech G HUB, you can use it on another PC with no need to install software or reconfigure your setups.

Logitech G203 Mouse Detail

  • Prodigy Collection Logitech G computer mouse for advanced video pc gaming quality efficiency up to 8 times much faster reaction compared to standard mice so every computer mouse click and move is close to instant from hand to screen
  • Advanced switch tensioning decreases the force had to click the left and right switches and provides remarkable click feel, reaction and uniformity. Max. Velocity>25 G. Max. speed >200 IPS
  • Classic design inspired by the Logitech G100S computer mouse, a favourite of players and eSports pros worldwide, re-crafted and optimized for video pc gaming and daily versatility, resilience and convenience.
  • Reducing side 6000 dpi sensing unit gives you amazing precision, monitoring speed, uniformity and control regardless of your design of game-play; System Requirements Home windows 7 or later on,macOS 10.11 or later on, Chrome OSTM, USB port.
  • The item of over thirty years of Logitech industry prominent advancements in video pc gaming technology to assist you to play for your complete potential