Seagate Ultra Slim Portable Drive Review

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The world must be given a choice, because each person can have different considerations for a device with the same function. You don’t need to think about a device whose considerations are quite complex, such as a smartphone. Even a power bank with the same function to provide portable power on a smartphone, is designed with many choices, form and capacity, and technology.

Seagate Ultra Slim Portable Drive Review

The same is true of portable hard drives. A device that is primarily intended for storing or backing up digital data. Looking back, and peering ahead, it turns out that this portable hard drive is similar to a smartphone. It doesn’t stop being developed.

After reviewing and trying out several digital storage products, it turns out that there are still many types that continue to come out with their respective uses and advantages, such as the one we will now discuss, the Seagate Ultra Slim Backup Plus.

We are happy to hear the word slim. Hard drives that were once big are now slimmer for easier carrying. But Seagate still hasn’t stopped there, and is bringing out an ultra-slim portable drive. Like hi-end smartphones vying to achieve the minimum thickness possible, it turns out that portable hard-drives are too. I tried to think why complementary devices such as portable devices need to pursue a slim size.

Nowadays, many people can’t get away from gadgets. The growth of smartphone users is very high and has a lot of influence on laptop manufacturers. Previously computer users were dominated by PCs, then the presence of laptops began to shift PCs. The presence of tablets is starting to impact laptop users, and smartphone users are now displacing tablet users with large screens (phablets).

What we can read from the above sequence is the issue of portability, portability. When many devices have become portable, people are getting fussy or picky about which one to carry with them.

Many people today who are very dependent on the digital world carry a lot of equipment in their bags, laptops, tablets, cameras, power banks, chargers, cables, etc. The bigger each gadget and its accessories, the heavier the bag is, and when it is subtracted, of course, there are priority options. Complementary gadgets such as portable hard drives may be a part that is starting to be taken away.

Now we are starting to understand why this portable hard drive is needed in a lighter, smaller and thinner size, so that it remains an option to carry and use.

Why is this portable hard drive needed? In terms of data, it turns out that more than 50% of gadget users have lost important data, either from their laptops, tablets, or smartphones. And only 17% of gadget users turn out to regularly back up their data. I think these numbers were affected because of the story above. We didn’t carry the means for backing up like a portable HDD, hoping we would do it at home later. Once at home, we forget or are lazy to do it.

Seagate ultra-slim seems to be made for some of the reasons above. This Portable Hard Drive is the smallest and lightest portable HDD I have ever used. The size is similar to a 10 thousand mAh power bank, only much thinner. Its thickness is similar to smartphones, most of which are the main attraction, less than 1 CM.

One more advantage of this ultra-slim portable HDD is its weight. It feels very light, only 117 grams. Lighter than most smartphones. In comparison, an iPhone 7 weighs 138 grams, and the Galaxy s8 155 grams.

With this compact and lightweight size, this portable HDD should be the choice of gadget users, or even women whose bags are full of various equipment besides gadgets. Moreover, this compact form is also supported by an unusual design, even though only the outer shell’s appearance, but the circular curves and shiny colours, imply this portable HDD is designed with more. Sometimes it is fun to see the light falling on its surface, creating interesting shadows in each of the circle’s recesses. Gold and silver colour choices also match or match the colour of most laptops.

The portable Seagate Ultra Slim is only available in 1 and 2 TB capacities, possibly given its slim size. Like most portable HDDs today, already using USB 3.0 as a port.

Further information: Seagate website.